Resumption of Formula E Testing after Battery Fire Investigation

Formula E Testing to Resume in Valencia after Battery Fire Investigation

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Resumption of Track Action

Track action is set to resume at 2:00pm local time on Thursday and will run until 6:30pm. This comes after a thorough investigation carried out by the FIA, Formula E, and battery supplier WAE.

Authorised by the FIA

A statement issued by the FIA confirmed the resumption of Formula E pre-season testing. The statement reads, “Following the incident that occurred on Tuesday and subsequent investigations, the FIA has authorized Formula E pre-season testing to resume today from 2pm CET.”

Investigations and Findings

The extensive investigations into the incident have provided valuable insights. While the specific details of the investigations and findings have not been disclosed, it is clear that the authorities involved have taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the testing sessions.

Formula E, being a cutting-edge electric racing series, places great importance on the security and performance of its vehicles’ battery systems. Any concerns or issues are dealt with promptly and comprehensively to maintain the highest safety standards in the sport.

As a result of these investigations, the necessary modifications or improvements may have been made to prevent similar incidents in the future. This commitment to continuous enhancement reflects the dedication of Formula E’s stakeholders in delivering a successful and accident-free season.

Looking Ahead

With the resumption of pre-season testing, teams and drivers can now focus on refining their setups, gathering data, and familiarizing themselves with the track. The delay caused by the investigation serves as a reminder of the inherent risks and challenges associated with pioneering racing technologies.

As Formula E progresses towards its next season, all eyes will be on the innovations, advancements, and competitive dynamics that unfold on the race track. The Valencia circuit sets the stage for the exhilarating spectacle of electric racing that captivates motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.


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