Revolutionary Tyre Changes for World Endurance Championship

Revolutionary Changes in Hypercar Tyres for World Endurance Championship

Revolutionary Changes in Hypercar Tyres for World Endurance Championship

I was excited and happy to receive the brief from the FIA and Automobile Club de l’Ouest to develop tyres that work without using warmers for the upcoming 2023 World Endurance Championship. The introduction of this new regulation is a significant change that Michelin has been advocating for passionately over the past few years.

In fact, our push for this revolutionary alteration was evident even in our proposal answering the tender for Hypercar tyres back in 2019. We envisioned it as an innovative concept that could potentially transform the dynamics of the championship.

The Need for Change

Traditional tyre warmers have been a common feature in motorsports for decades. They are used to pre-heat the tyres, ensuring optimal performance right from the moment the race begins. While warmers offer certain advantages, we felt that eliminating their usage in the World Endurance Championship would bring about several key benefits.

Unveiling a Game-Changer

With the approval to develop tyres that operate efficiently without warmers, Michelin has embarked on an exciting journey to revolutionize the hypercar racing scene. This breakthrough will not only challenge traditional practices but also redefine the limits of what is possible in the sport.

Enhancing Performance and Fairness

One of the primary reasons for this regulation change is to level the playing field for all competitors. By eliminating warmers, teams will no longer have the advantage of achieving optimal tyre performance immediately. This factor introduces an element of unpredictability and strategy, making the races even more thrilling and enticing for both drivers and fans alike.

Additionally, this change incentivizes teams to focus on improving the overall grip, durability, and efficiency of their tyres. The challenge to develop tyres that can perform optimally without artificial heating will drive innovation and ultimately lead to safer and more sustainable racing practices.

Paving the Way for Future Advancements

The transition towards tyre technology that doesn’t rely on warmers is a crucial step towards creating a greener and more environmentally responsible motorsport industry. By reducing the energy consumption associated with tyre heating, we are contributing to the overall sustainability of the sport.


The decision to develop hypercar tyres without warmers for the 2023 World Endurance Championship reflects a progressive and visionary approach by the FIA and Automobile Club de l’Ouest. Michelin is proud to be at the forefront of this transformational initiative that will elevate the sport to new heights and captivate the imagination of racing enthusiasts worldwide. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating future filled with thrilling races and cutting-edge tire technology!

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