Rising Star Bezzecchi Commits to VR46 Ducati

Rising MotoGP Star Bezzecchi Continues Journey with VR46 Ducati in 2024

Bezzecchi’s Impressive Sophomore Season

MotoGP racer Marco Bezzecchi had a remarkable sophomore season, leaving a mark on the track with his performances. Representing the VR46 Ducati team, he not only challenged seasoned competitors but also claimed three grand prix victories, an achievement that catapulted him to an impressive third in the overall championship standings. This feat established Bezzecchi as a standout figure in the racing world and set expectations high for his future endeavors on the circuit.

Choosing Loyalty Over Factory Offers

In a move that speaks to both loyalty and strategic thinking, Bezzecchi has decided to continue with the VR46 team for the 2024 season. This decision comes despite receiving a tempting offer from Pramac to join their factory lineup. His choice to remain on a year-old bike with VR46 rather than stepping up to a factory ride demonstrates commitment to the team that fostered his growth in the premier class.

The Human Element of Racing

While discussing his decision, Bezzecchi emphasized the significance of the “human group” he has become a part of at VR46. His connection with the team, comprising not just talented professionals but individuals who have shared his racing journey, became a pivotal factor in his decision-making process. The camaraderie and supportive environment at VR46 weigh in just as much, if not more, than the technical aspects and potential benefits that a move to a factory team might offer.

The Future with VR46

Looking forward, Bezzecchi’s commitment to VR46 puts him in a unique position. While riding a year-old bike could be seen as a disadvantage compared to his competitors on the latest machinery, Bezzecchi’s skill and potential may well compensate for this. His trust in the technical support and collaborative atmosphere at VR46 indicates his belief that continued success can be achieved through mutual growth and unwavering dedication to his team.


Marco Bezzecchi’s decision to stick with the VR46 Ducati squad is a testament to his character and perspective as a racer. Valuing strong team relationships and the nurturing environment where his talents have flourished, Bezzecchi is setting course for another exciting season in MotoGP. Fans and enthusiasts alike will surely be watching eagerly as he battles it out on the track, proving the merit of loyalty and team spirit in the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled realm of motorcycle racing.

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