Rising Star Jamie Chadwick: The DHL Journey

Rising Star Jamie Chadwick Embarks on Indy NXT Journey with DHL Support

Breaking new ground in her motorsport career, Jamie Chadwick, acclaimed for securing three W-Series championships, made headlines last December with the confirmation of her debut season in the Indy NXT series. Joining forces with the high-profile Andretti Global racing team, Chadwick set her sights on a new chapter in the competitive racing arena. This significant transition was underscored by the backing of DHL, a global logistics leader, who stepped in as the chief sponsor for Chadwick’s campaign.

A Partnership Rooted in Inclusion and Development

The collaboration between DHL and Jamie Chadwick was not just about the thrill of racing; it represented a shared commitment to inclusive opportunities within motorsports. At the time of the announcement, the partnership highlighted a synergistic relationship between DHL’s dedication to diversity and Jamie’s trailblazing role within the world of racing. With DHL’s support, there was an emphatic endorsement of breaking barriers and fostering talent across an international spectrum.

A Promising Venture in Indy NXT

The anticipation surrounding Jamie Chadwick’s foray into Indy NXT was palpable. The racing community had watched her impressive control and strategic prowess on the tracks of the W-Series, and expectations were high for her transition to this new series. Under the banner of Andretti Global, known for its competitive edge and a storied legacy in racing, Chadwick aimed to hone her skills further and meet the challenges of this competitive ladder to the top tiers of open-wheel racing.

The initial partnership release detailed the mutual aspirations of both DHL and Jamie Chadwick, emboldening the mission of broadening horizons and nurturing talents that transcend boundaries and preconceptions. The focus was not just on the success and podiums but also on the journey of personal and professional growth that a platform like Indy NXT could offer to a driver of Chadwick’s caliber.

Sustainable Commitment Amidst Changing Tides

As the motorsport seasons unfold, dynamics can shift with sponsorships adapting to various circumstances. However, it became clear that DHL’s engagement with Jamie Chadwick was anchored in a long-term vision of support and empowerment. Even amidst shifts in team alignments or strategies, the commitment to encouraging female talent in motorsport remained strong. The collaboration stood as a testament to the belief in potential over the long haul, not merely the short-lived victories.


Jamie Chadwick’s journey with DHL in Indy NXT signifies more than race wins and championship pursuits. It embodies a progressive stride in motorsports where talent is nurtured irrespective of gender, bringing diversity to the forefront of high-speed competition. Such partnerships pave the way for future generations of racers who will look to these stories for inspiration, as they aim to carve their own paths in the adrenaline-filled world of racing.

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