Robert Kubica’s Favorite Car

Robert Kubica’s Favorite Car

Robert Kubica’s Favorite Car

When speaking to Robert Kubica, his passion for all forms of motorsport quickly comes to the surface. So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that when choosing his favourite car, the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix winner eschews the obvious pick of the BMW-Sauber F1.08 that he drove to his only Formula 1 victory in Montreal.

The Renault R25

In any case, he regards the 2005 F1 title-winning Renault R25 that he tested …Keep reading

Kubica’s Love for Motorsport

Robert Kubica possesses a deep love and passion for all forms of motorsport. From an early age, he was captivated by the thrill and excitement that only racing can bring. When it comes to his favorite car, Kubica surprises many by not choosing the expected option.

Instead of selecting the BMW-Sauber F1.08, the car in which he claimed his first and only Formula 1 victory at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix, Kubica opts for the iconic 2005 F1 title-winning Renault R25.

Exploring the Renault R25

The Renault R25 holds a special place in Kubica’s heart. This car played a significant role in his career, as he had the opportunity to test it and experience its exceptional performance firsthand. The R25’s powerful engine, advanced aerodynamics, and precise handling made it a formidable force on the track.

While the BMW-Sauber F1.08 brought Kubica his moment of triumph, it is the Renault R25 that truly resonates with him. The memories and emotions associated with this car are invaluable, showcasing Kubica’s appreciation for the engineering marvels and the art of racing.

Throughout his career, Kubica has continued to explore various motorsport disciplines, demonstrating his versatility and unwavering passion. From rallying to endurance racing, he has embraced new challenges and pushed the limits of his abilities.

Regardless of his accomplishments in different cars and categories, the Renault R25 remains a symbol of Kubica’s dedication and love for the sport he holds dear.

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