WRC Greece: Rovanpera Takes Lead with Late Ogier Drama

In an eventful turn of events, championship leader Kalle Rovanpera emerged as the frontrunner after a dramatic day of racing in the WRC Greece. Starting the day in third place and trailing behind overnight leader Thierry Neuville, Rovanpera staged an impressive comeback to snatch the lead from Hyundai’s Dani Sordo.

Neuville’s Retirement and Ogier’s Suspension Issue

As the race unfolded, Hyundai’s Neuville, who had been leading the pack, encountered a setback and was forced to retire during the afternoon’s first stage. With Neuville out of the picture, it seemed as though the advantage would fall to Toyota’s Sebastien Ogier. However, Ogier’s rally took a turn for the worse when he encountered a suspension issue during the last test of the afternoon.

The suspension issue cost Ogier a significant amount of time, resulting in a four-minute setback and dropping him down the leaderboard. This turn of events allowed Rovanpera to surge ahead and secure a substantial 2m04.4s rally lead over his competitors.

Rovanpera’s Impressive Performance

Despite starting the day at a disadvantage, Rovanpera showcased his skill and determination on the Greek racetrack. With a flawless performance, he capitalized on the misfortunes of his rivals to secure his place at the top. The Finnish driver’s exceptional driving skills, combined with his ability to navigate the challenging terrain, proved to be a winning combination.

A Nail-Biting Battle for Victory

The WRC Greece delivered a thrilling battle for victory, with unexpected twists and turns keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The retirements and setbacks faced by Neuville and Ogier added an element of unpredictability to the race, ensuring that no lead was safe until the final stages.

As Rovanpera takes the lead, the competition intensifies among the remaining drivers. The fight for podium positions promises to be intense, with each driver eager to prove their prowess on the demanding Greek gravel.


With Rovanpera’s late surge to the top and the unexpected dramas faced by his competitors, the WRC Greece continues to captivate motorsport enthusiasts around the world. As the race unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Rovanpera can maintain his lead and secure a well-deserved victory, or if the challengers will rise to the occasion and claim the top spot. One thing is for certain – the WRC Greece is an exhilarating display of skill, determination, and adrenaline-fueled racing.

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