Sauber Shifts Focus with New Title Sponsor and Chassis Naming Rights

Sauber Takes on New Identity with Title Sponsor and Chassis Naming Rights Deal

Stake Continues as Title Sponsor for Sauber

With the new Formula 1 season approaching, Sauber has solidified its commercial partnerships, announcing that online gambling giant Stake will maintain its prominent role as the team’s title sponsor. This continued collaboration underscores Stake’s commitment to Sauber, bolstering their presence in the thrilling arena of Formula 1 racing. Steps Up Involvement

In an exciting development for the team, the dynamic streaming service has amplified its support for Sauber. In a significant move, has obtained the naming rights for the team’s chassis, a crucial part of the car that plays a key role in performance. As a result, the upcoming season’s car will debut under the name KICK Sauber C44, signifying a new chapter in the team’s branding strategy and performance outlook.

New Chapter Without Alfa Romeo Moniker

The past few seasons have seen the iconic Alfa Romeo name emblazoned on Sauber’s cars, a legacy that stretches back to 2019. Despite the partnership, Sauber Motorsport has always been at the helm, diligently operating the team from behind the scenes. With the upcoming season, the team is set to embark on a fresh journey without the renowned Alfa Romeo branding, highlighting Sauber Motorsport’s long-standing heritage and expertise in the sport.

A Fresh Look and Forward Momentum

Shifting away from the Alfa Romeo brand, the team’s identity will be refreshed, projecting a clear message of evolution and forward momentum. Stake’s renewing partnership and’s elevated involvement underscore a pivotal time for Sauber as they embrace change and look towards future prospects on the grid. The new KICK Sauber C44 is poised to symbolize the innovative spirit and competitive edge that Sauber has cultivated over the years.

Anticipating Performance Enhancements

With a fresh title sponsor deal and chassis naming rights acquisition, the mood within the team is one of eager anticipation. The changes signal not just cosmetic adjustments but potentially strategic and technical enhancements that could see the team escalate their performance in the upcoming season. Fans and commentators alike are curious to witness how these developments might translate into speed and consistency on the track.

Focus on Team Heritage and Independence

This represents a major shift in focus towards the team’s own storied heritage as an independent entity in the sport. It allows Sauber to redraw its identity in the world of Formula 1 while simultaneously giving recognition to the partners who stand by them. Stake’s reinforced backing, alongside’s new increased support, ensures that Sauber’s entry into the upcoming racing seasons is marked with heightened profile and greater expectations.

Commitment to Competitive Excellence

As preparations for the new season continue, Sauber’s leadership, engineering cadre, and drivers reiterate their unwavering commitment to competitive excellence. With the collective aim of climbing the ranks and securing their place amongst Formula 1’s elite, the team’s new brand identity, through Stake and’s engagements, will undoubtedly serve as a stimulus in their quest for greater achievements in the high-octane world of top-tier motorsport competition.

Looking Towards Sauber’s Future

The unfolding story of the Sauber team, with its new partnerships and identity, marks yet another captivating plotline in the kaleidoscopic narrative of Formula 1. Enthusiasts of the sport are watching closely, curious to see how this combination of longstanding racing tradition and contemporary corporate partnership will unfold on the grand stage provided by some of the most prestigious circuits around the globe.

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