Schubert Motorsport Dominates Qualifying

Schubert Motorsport Dominates Qualifying, Rast Takes Record-Breaking Pole Position

Schubert Motorsport showcased their dominance in qualifying, securing the front row of the grid for the upcoming race. Leading the charge was Rast, who achieved an astounding 26th pole position, breaking the previous record. Right behind him was the reigning champion, van der Linde, ready to challenge and defend his title.

Rast demonstrated his prowess from the very start of the race, maintaining his lead as he accelerated away. Van der Linde, eager to seize any opportunity, attempted to make a move at turn three but was unable to overcome the fierce competition. Meanwhile, Thomas Preining of Manthey Porsche seized the chance to climb up the ranks and secured third place on the grid.

As the race progressed, Jack Aitken faced some setbacks, slipping back four places in his Emil Frey Ferrari. This turn of events was unexpected, as Aitken had previously shown great potential. However, the race is far from over, and there is still ample opportunity for Aitken to redeem himself in future races.

With Preining’s impressive performance, he managed to snatch the points lead and set himself up for a promising season ahead. This unexpected twist further adds excitement and anticipation for the upcoming races, as Preining aims to solidify his position and fend off his competitors.

The Schubert Motorsport team’s exceptional qualifying results have undoubtedly made a strong statement and instilled confidence amongst their drivers. As they occupy the front row, they have set the stage for an exhilarating and intense race that motorsport enthusiasts should not miss.

Stay tuned for more updates as the race unfolds and witness the thrilling battles that will undoubtedly unfold on the racetrack!

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