Six Years with Maserati MSG Formula E Team Ends | Article

Six Years with Maserati MSG Formula E Team Comes to an End for Mortara

The Swiss-Italian driver joined the team in 2017 under its then-current guise of Venturi and took to the podium in only his second outing in Hong Kong.

A further 12 podiums followed during his tenure with the squad, including six wins which put him in championship contention during the 2020-21 and 2021-22 campaigns.

He finished second in the standings in the former, only seven points behind the champion. However, after six years of collaboration, Mortara has announced his departure from the Maserati MSG Formula E Team.

Mortara’s time with the team has been filled with successes and memorable moments. In his debut season, he showcased his talent by achieving a podium finish early on. This set the stage for his impressive performances in the subsequent years.

Championship Contention

The 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons saw Mortara emerge as a strong contender for the championship title. With six wins under his belt, he constantly challenged his rivals and showcased his determination to win.

Second Place Finish

Mortara came incredibly close to clinching the championship in the 2020-21 season, finishing just seven points behind the eventual winner. His consistent performances and ability to secure podium finishes contributed to his strong standing in the championship.

His remarkable consistency and commitment are evident in the number of podium finishes he achieved throughout his six-year tenure with the team. These 12 podiums symbolize his excellence in the world of Formula E racing.

An End of an Era

After a successful and eventful six years, Mortara has decided to pursue new opportunities outside of the Maserati MSG Formula E Team. His decision marks the end of an era for both Mortara and the team.

The departure of Mortara is a significant loss for the Maserati MSG Formula E Team. His contributions as a skilled driver and his ability to consistently challenge for victories will be sorely missed.

Mortara’s departure serves as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of motorsport and the constant evolution of teams and drivers. While his time with the Maserati MSG Formula E Team has come to an end, it opens up new possibilities for both parties involved.

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