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Address: Ibarra, Ecuador
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Yahuarcocha Circuit Ecuador History

The public and citizens flocked to Yahuarcocha, thus recognizing the effort made by the mentalizers for the pre-opening race and in the natural tribunes that rolled to the brand new racetrack, the fondness for the sport of vertigo and speed was ignited. Later, the Inauguration Race of the “Yahuarcocha International Autodrome” was scheduled for May 2, 1970. Thirty-three were registered, many of them with alternate drivers, they were registered in the files, in which photographs, medical certificates and in many cases, notarized authorizations of the mothers or wives of the risky motorists were attached. It was improvised mainly due to lack of experience in these conflicts; authorities, stewards, judges, lap counters and timekeepers, noting that the accidents of car no. 22 driven by Guillermo Ortega who suffered a “roll over” at km. 2 and Luis Valverde’s No. 5 car, which, when refueling in the PITS area, caught fire, as the only mishaps worth scoring. The absolute winner of the race, to the approval of Ibarra and his Automobile Club, was Fernando Madera Erazo from Imbabureño in his first participation in motorsport at the command of a Reliant No. 56 vehicle and obviously representing CATI.