Stewart Honored with Autosport Gold Medal

Stewart to be Honoured with Autosport Gold Medal in December Awards Ceremony

Renowned Scottish racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart is set to receive the prestigious Autosport Gold Medal in recognition of his lifelong contribution to motorsport and the lasting impact he has made on the industry. This accolade makes Stewart the third recipient of the Gold Medal.

The inaugural winner of this highly esteemed award was former FIA President Jean Todt in 2021. Stewart himself will have the honor of presenting the legendary American motorsport team boss, Roger Penske, with the Gold Medal.

Sir Jackie Stewart, known for his remarkable career and three Formula One World Championships, has dedicated his life to the sport he loves. With his numerous achievements and tireless efforts, he has left an indelible legacy in the world of motorsport.

This award not only recognizes Stewart’s exceptional talents as a driver but also his tireless advocacy for driver safety. Throughout his career, he worked tirelessly to improve safety standards in Formula One and played a pivotal role in minimizing risks and protecting drivers.

As a prominent figure in the motorsport community, Stewart’s achievements extend beyond the racetrack. He continues to be a passionate advocate for various causes, supporting charitable initiatives and actively working towards promoting inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

The Autosport Gold Medal serves as a testament to Stewart’s extraordinary contributions to the world of motorsport. It is a symbol of his commitment, dedication, and immeasurable impact on the industry.

This year’s awards ceremony promises to be a remarkable event, paying tribute to the incredible career of Sir Jackie Stewart and celebrating his lasting legacy. The ceremony will take place in December, bringing together motorsport enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate the achievements of one of the sport’s true icons.

As we anticipate the upcoming awards ceremony, we reflect on the remarkable achievements of Sir Jackie Stewart and the profound influence he has had on the motorsport industry. From his outstanding track record to his tireless efforts in promoting safety and inclusivity, Stewart’s impact will continue to inspire generations to come.

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