Drivers Express Surprise Over Lack of Fourth DRS Zone at Marina Bay Circuit

Drivers at the Marina Bay circuit have expressed their surprise and concern over the decision not to add a fourth DRS (Drag Reduction System) zone on the revised back straight. The lack of overtaking opportunities has been a cause for alarm among the drivers.

The layout change at the circuit was necessitated by construction work around the final sector. As a result, the characteristic 90-degree Turns 16-19 have been replaced by a long straight with a high-speed kink. However, this alteration has not been accompanied by the addition of another DRS zone, which can have a significant impact on overtaking possibilities.

Driver’s Reaction

During the Friday briefing, drivers discussed their concerns and disappointment regarding the absence of a fourth DRS zone. Many believed that the addition of another zone would have improved the chances of overtaking, especially on the revised back straight.

Without an additional DRS zone, drivers might find it more challenging to make crucial overtakes during the race. This could impact the overall excitement and competitiveness of the event.

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