The Future of Jota: A Second Porsche Hypercar in the Works

The team at Jota has always been open about its aspirations to bring another Porsche hypercar to the racing world. In fact, they are already one step closer to making that dream a reality. The team recently revealed that they have officially placed an order for an additional chassis, sparking excitement and anticipation among fans.

Continuing the Legacy

Following the successful introduction of their debut car with the iconic ‘Hertz Racing Gold’ livery at this year’s Spa WEC round, Jota is eager to keep the momentum going. The team has made it clear that the new hypercar will don the same stunning livery, ensuring a consistent and recognizable brand presence on the track.

Progress on Funding

Jota boss Sam Hignett expressed his optimism about securing the necessary funding to run the new hypercar in a full WEC (World Endurance Championship) season. According to Hignett, progress is being made, and the team is determined to cross the finish line in terms of financial backing.

A Promising Future

The news of Jota’s plans to field a second Porsche hypercar in 2024 has set the racing world abuzz. With the impressive track record and dedication of the Jota team, there is no doubt that fans can expect a thrilling performance from this new addition. As the team continues to make progress towards their goal and secure the required funding, the future of Jota looks brighter than ever.

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