The Record-Breaking F1 Season

The Record-Breaking F1 Season for Max Verstappen

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 20 years since an F1 season consisted of just 16 grands prix. The sport has come a long way since then, and Red Bull star Max Verstappen has just set a new record for victories in a single championship campaign with his latest success at the Mexican GP.

In an in-depth report by Alex Kalinauckas, we explore the various challengers who tried to dethrone Verstappen but ultimately fell short.

Potential Challengers

Verstappen faced stiff competition throughout the season. Let’s take a closer look at some of the potential challengers:

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, was seen as one of the main threats to Verstappen’s title hopes. However, despite some impressive performances, Hamilton couldn’t quite match Verstappen’s consistency and fell behind in the championship standings.

Sergio Perez

As the hometown hero at the Mexican GP, Sergio Perez had high hopes of clinching victory. After a solid drive, Perez managed to secure a podium finish but was unable to challenge Verstappen for the win.

Valtteri Bottas

Another Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas, had his moments of brilliance during the season. However, he struggled to maintain the same level of performance as Verstappen and was often overshadowed by his Red Bull rival.

Other Contenders

There were several other drivers who showed flashes of promise throughout the season but were unable to consistently challenge Verstappen at the top. These included drivers from Ferrari, McLaren, and AlphaTauri.

Despite facing some strong competition, Verstappen managed to maintain his composure and secure victory after victory, breaking the previous record for most wins in a single championship campaign.

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