The Ultimate Racing Journey

The Ultimate Racing Experience: From the PlayStation to the Racetrack

“I grew up in the PlayStation era – even to this day I play Gran Turismo. The Nissan Skyline was always my dream car, and it’s the favorite of those that I’ve driven.”

British Touring Car Championship star Jake Hill was probably never going to choose the NGTC Volkswagen CC as the machine that gets his mouth salivating. But alongside the competitive weaponry he’s more recently taken to…

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A Childhood Passion

For many car enthusiasts, their passion for cars started during their childhood. Growing up in the PlayStation era, Jake Hill developed a deep appreciation for racing games. Gran Turismo was his go-to game, where he spent countless hours conquering virtual tracks and dreaming of one day getting behind the wheel of his favorite cars.

From Dreams to Reality

Jake’s dream car has always been the Nissan Skyline. Known for its sleek design and impressive performance, the Skyline captured his imagination and became the symbol of his aspirations. Little did he know at the time that his love for racing games would eventually lead him to the racetrack, where he would have the opportunity to drive some of the most iconic cars.

A Surprising Favorite

While the NGTC Volkswagen CC might not be the car that immediately comes to mind for a racing enthusiast like Jake Hill, he admits that it has surprised him. Despite his initial reservations, the Volkswagen CC has proven itself to be a worthy competitor on the track. Its performance and handling capabilities have exceeded his expectations, challenging his preconceived notions about what makes a great racing car.

From Virtual to Realistic

The journey from playing video games to actually racing professionally has been a surreal experience for Jake. What started as a childhood hobby has now become his career. He credits his time spent playing racing games for honing his skills and providing him with a solid foundation to excel in the real world of motorsport.

A Lifelong Passion

Jake Hill’s love for cars and racing continues to fuel his drive to succeed. From the Nissan Skyline in his virtual world to the NGTC Volkswagen CC on the racetrack, each car he encounters becomes a new chapter in his racing journey. As he continues to push the limits of his abilities, he remains grateful for the opportunities that racing games have provided him and looks forward to inspiring the next generation of racing enthusiasts.

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