TOM’S driver Sasahara Hospitalized

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TOM’S driver Sasahara Hospitalized After 130R Crash

TOM’S driver Sasahara was taken to the hospital following a crash that occurred on the fourth lap of the race at 130R. The incident happened after contact with the Nakajima Racing car of Hiroki Otsu.

The severity of the crash led to the race being red-flagged. Moreover, the catch fencing at 130R sustained significant damage, which resulted in the decision not to restart the race. Instead, half points were awarded to the drivers.

Images taken trackside after the incident showed the aftermath of the crash, revealing the extent of the damage caused by the collision.

It is unfortunate that Sasahara will have to miss the Suzuka finale due to a concussion sustained in the crash. The safety and well-being of the drivers are of utmost importance, and it is crucial to allow adequate time for Sasahara’s recovery before returning to the racing circuit.

We wish Sasahara a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the track soon.

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