Top Times: Lando Norris Leads Singapore FP1

Top Times Led by Lando Norris in Singapore Grand Prix FP1

Lando Norris set the pace in the opening phase of the Singapore Grand Prix FP1, with his first two flying laps leading the way for much of the session. The drivers were gradually getting up to speed on the dusty course using the harder compounds, resulting in oversteer being a common issue in the slower opening turns at the beginning of the session.

Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton Make Their Move

Later on, the Ferrari drivers and Lewis Hamilton were able to push Norris down the order as their longer opening runs on the harder tires approached their completion. Despite initially leading the way, Norris faced strong competition from the other teams as they found their rhythm on the challenging circuit.

Challenges on the Circuit

The Singapore Grand Prix circuit presented additional challenges in the form of lizards that caused some disruption. Fortunately, the drivers were able to navigate around them without major incidents. However, these unexpected obstacles added an extra layer of difficulty to an already demanding track.

As the session progressed, teams and drivers worked to optimize their setups and find the best balance between speed and control. The unique nature of the Singapore Grand Prix, with its tight street circuit and high humidity, demanded precise driving skills and focus.

Looking Ahead

With FP1 complete, the teams will analyze the data and make adjustments for the next practice session, where they will continue their preparations for the Singapore Grand Prix. The battle for the top spots is still wide open, and it remains to be seen who will come out on top during the qualifying rounds and ultimately claim victory in the race.

The Singapore Grand Prix promises to be an intense and challenging event, showcasing the talents and abilities of the world’s top Formula 1 drivers. Stay tuned for further updates and action-packed racing at

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