Toyota Rally Team: A Fresh Look for Champions

Toyota Rally Team Dazzles with Striking New Livery for Upcoming Season

A Fresh Look for the Champions

The champions of the world rally stage have undergone a dramatic transformation in terms of their visual identity. In a departure from their iconic red, white, and black motif that has been synonymous with the team since Toyota’s resurgence in the World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2017, the team has made a bold shift to a matte black base for their vehicles. This decision is a clear signal of fresh intentions as they prepare to defend their title in the races to come.

GR Branding Takes Center Stage

Not content with just altering their WRC presence, Toyota is extending this new aesthetic to their endurance racing efforts. The year 2024 in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) will see Toyota’s GR010 Hypercar entries sporting a livery closely aligned with the newly introduced matte black design. This connection between the disciplines showcases the cohesive brand strategy by incorporating the Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) branding into their visual presentation on various global platforms.

Aesthetics Meets Performance

To enthusiasts, a car’s livery is far more than just a color scheme; it is an embodiment of the team’s spirit and performance philosophy. As Toyota vehicles adorn their new livery, it isn’t just about an updated look—the change represents an evolution, a renewed commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of victory that the team hopes to carry forward into the upcoming motorsport seasons across multiple arenas.

The Future of Toyota’s Motorsport Vision

This strategic visual rebranding goes beyond mere aesthetics; it hints at Toyota’s future ambitions and industry-leading innovation that fans of motorsport eagerly await each season. It’s a fresh canvas upon which the team will script new tales of triumph, speed, and competition. As the vehicles take to the track with their stunning new looks, all eyes will undoubtedly be on the reigning champions to see if their performance matches their bold new image.

Fan and Industry Reactions

The initial reactions from the racing community and fans around the world have been mixed with excitement and curiosity. For long-time supporters, the traditional colors represented a history of passion and achievement. However, this change is also seen as a brave step into a new era for the brand, one where tradition meets innovation. This matte black livery is set to become an iconic part of Toyota’s racing legacy as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible on and off the racetrack.


The unveiling of the new livery represents a pivotal moment in Toyota’s racing history. It reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of motorsport and the drive to always look forward, never resting on laurels but instead continuously innovating. There’s much anticipation for what Toyota’s teams will accomplish next, and the new matte black livery is just the starting line for the adventures that lie ahead on the world’s rally and endurance stages.

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