Track Safety Adjustments

Late on Friday evening, Pirelli made an important discovery regarding damage to the tyres caused by the kerbs. They immediately informed Nikolas Tombazis, the FIA single-seater director, about their findings. As more information became available from Pirelli’s investigation on Saturday morning, the FIA responded promptly.

Changes to track limits were decided upon by the FIA at Turns 12-13. Furthermore, an additional practice session was added to the schedule. These precautionary measures were taken to ensure the safety and integrity of the race.

The discovery of tyre damage caused by kerbs highlights the importance of continuous monitoring and updates in motorsport. Pirelli’s swift action in communicating their findings to the FIA demonstrates their commitment to driver safety.

## Adjustments to Track Limits

Track limits are an essential aspect of any racing circuit. They define the boundaries within which drivers must stay for fair competition. However, they are not fixed and can be modified when necessary. In this instance, the FIA made changes to the track limits specifically at Turns 12-13.

The adjustments to the track limits at these turns aim to prevent potential damage to the tyres caused by the kerbs. By imposing stricter limits and boundaries, the FIA aims to create a safer environment for the drivers to navigate.

## Additional Practice Session

To give teams and drivers an opportunity to adapt to the modified track limits, an extra practice session was added to the schedule. This would allow them to familiarize themselves with the new boundaries and make any necessary adjustments to their strategies.

Practice sessions are crucial for teams to fine-tune their setups and drivers to get a feel for the track conditions. The additional session provided an invaluable chance for participants to gather data and make well-informed decisions ahead of the race.

## Importance of Tire Safety

Tire safety is paramount in motorsport, as the performance and lifespan of the tires directly impact a driver’s performance on the track. The discovery of tyre damage caused by the kerbs serves as a reminder of the constant need for vigilance.

Pirelli’s extensive investigation into the issue demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of their products. By promptly alerting the FIA about their findings, they have taken proactive steps to address any potential concerns.

## Conclusion

The swift response by Pirelli and the FIA to the discovery of tyre damage caused by kerbs is a testament to their dedication to driver safety. The adjustments made to the track limits at Turns 12-13, along with the addition of an extra practice session, prioritize the well-being of the drivers and enhance the overall racing experience.

By continually monitoring and addressing such issues, the sport can maintain its commitment to safety while providing thrilling races for fans around the world.

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