Tsunoda Seizes Fastest Lap Chance

Tsunoda Surprised by Fastest Lap Opportunity

The Japanese driver, Yuki Tsunoda, had a surprising moment during the race when he thought there was something wrong with his car. However, he soon realized that he had a chance to go for the fastest lap.

At that point, Tsunoda was in 10th place and nearing the end of the race. The pit stop window opened up behind him, thanks to Alex Albon receiving a track limits time penalty. This penalty created an opportunity for Tsunoda to make a free pit stop for soft tires.

With this unexpected chance, Tsunoda decided to go for it and secure the fastest lap. He successfully made the pit stop and managed to achieve the fastest lap time.

This turn of events came as a surprise to Tsunoda, who initially believed there was an issue with his car. Little did he know that he was being set up for a shot at the fastest lap.

Overall, Tsunoda’s quick thinking and the strategic opening provided by Albon’s penalty allowed him to make a successful pit stop and claim the fastest lap of the race.

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