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In an ironic development, the one-time podium finisher is now favorite to replace eight-time world champion Marquez at Honda in 2024 – having lost his Gresini ride to him.

According to recent reports, Honda’s list of candidates has narrowed down due to its decision to sign a rider only for a one-year deal. This move allows the team to keep their options open for 2025, when many riders will become available in the market.

This unexpected turn of events has brought [Rider’s Name] into the spotlight as the leading contender for the coveted Honda seat. Despite previously losing his Gresini ride to Marquez, he has managed to impress Honda with his performance on the track and has found himself in prime position for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Although negotiations are still underway, [Rider’s Name] is rumored to be excited about the prospect of joining the prestigious Honda team. If successful, he would not only compete alongside some of the best riders in the world but also have the chance to fill the shoes of the legendary Marquez.

For fans and enthusiasts, this potential partnership between Honda and [Rider’s Name] is an intriguing one. The prospect of seeing a former podium finisher rise to prominence and challenge for the world championship title adds an exciting element to the MotoGP landscape.

As Honda continues to evaluate their options, MotoGP fans eagerly await the announcement that could reshape the future of the sport. Will [Rider’s Name] secure the Honda seat and prove himself as a worthy successor to Marquez? Only time will tell.

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