WEC Considers Pre-Heating Tyres for Safety

WEC to Review Prohibition on Pre-Heating Tyres for Safety Reasons

Frederic Lequien, the boss of the World Endurance Championship (WEC), has announced that the ban on pre-heating tyres in the pits before they are put on the car is currently under review. The reconsideration is being done on safety grounds and is specifically aimed at the double-points round of the series scheduled for June.

In the wake of several accidents involving cars leaving the pits, a ban was initially implemented at the start of the 2023 season due to environmental concerns. However, this prohibition saw a reversal for the upcoming Le Mans race this year on a one-off basis.

The decision to re-evaluate the ban for the 2024 Le Mans event comes as WEC officials recognize the importance of enhancing safety measures and preventing potential incidents. By allowing tyre warmers in the pits, teams would have better control over the temperature of the tyres before they are fitted onto the cars.

While the environmental benefits of the ban cannot be ignored, there is an acknowledgment that compromising safety might not be worth the trade-off. As a result, WEC is seeking to strike a balance between these two important factors.

By lifting the ban, teams would be able to reduce the risk of accidents caused by cold tyres when leaving the pits. This could result in a safer racing environment for drivers and contribute to the overall improvement of competition conditions.

It is worth noting that this reconsideration is not a guarantee of a permanent change but rather a cautious assessment on a trial basis. The ultimate focus remains on promoting safety while addressing environmental concerns wherever possible.

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