WEC Grid to Expand by 2025

Racetrack World: WEC Grid to Increase to 40 Cars by 2025

Series boss Frederic Lequien recently announced that the World Endurance Championship (WEC) grid is set to expand to 40 cars by 2025. This decision comes after the publication of next year’s entry list, which features 37 cars.

Lequien emphasized the organization’s determination to reach this target, stating, “We will go to 40 cars in 2025, definitely.” He further added, “I can tell you it is a kind of obsession at the office, but it is really difficult to find the right balance.”

The plan to accommodate this increased number of cars reflects the growing popularity and competitiveness of the WEC. However, Lequien acknowledged that there will still be limitations in terms of capacity and selection. “We will not have the capacity to take everyone,” he explained, highlighting the challenges faced when striving for a well-balanced grid.

This strategic move demonstrates the WEC’s commitment to expanding opportunities and providing a platform for more teams to participate in the championship. As the sport continues to evolve and garner global attention, a larger grid will undoubtedly enhance the excitement and competitiveness of races.

Racetrack World will closely monitor the WEC’s progress towards achieving this goal and will keep our readers updated on all the latest developments within the series.

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