WRC Drivers to Join WRC Commission


WRC Drivers to Join WRC Commission for Increased Competitor Voice

Earlier this month, the FIA and WRC Promoter made an important announcement about a new initiative aimed at strengthening the World Rally Championship (WRC). In response to concerns raised by drivers and teams, the decision has been made to give competitors a voice and the opportunity to provide feedback on key topics and potential regulation changes.

This move comes as the championship’s overall appeal has faced criticism and calls for improvement. By allowing WRC drivers to nominate a representative to join the WRC Commission, the governing bodies hope to address these concerns and ensure that the championship remains competitive and exciting for both participants and fans alike.

Enhancing Competitors’ Influence

The inclusion of a driver representative in the WRC Commission is a significant step towards enhancing the influence of competitors in shaping the future of the championship. This move acknowledges the invaluable insights and perspectives that drivers possess, given their first-hand experience on the track.

By actively involving drivers in the decision-making process, the FIA and WRC Promoter aim to tap into their wealth of knowledge and competitive spirit to drive positive change. This new role will provide drivers with a platform to express their opinions, raise concerns, and contribute to discussions regarding potential regulation alterations.

Ensuring a Thrilling Championship

The WRC Commission plays a crucial role in managing regulations, implementing changes, and maintaining fairness across the championship. With the addition of a driver representative, the decision-making process will become more inclusive, transparent, and reflective of the competitors’ needs and expectations.

By actively seeking drivers’ input, the FIA and WRC Promoter aim to address any shortcomings in the championship and keep it exciting and captivating for fans worldwide. The objective is to ensure that the WRC remains a premier motorsport event that showcases the skill, talent, and dedication of its participants.

Positive Impact on Championship Appeal

The move to enlist a driver representative within the WRC Commission demonstrates a proactive approach by the FIA and WRC Promoter in addressing concerns raised by drivers and teams. By amplifying the competitor voice, this initiative seeks to revitalize the championship’s overall appeal and retain its status as one of the most thrilling motorsport events globally.

The involvement of drivers in the decision-making process will foster a stronger connection between the competitors, governing bodies, and fans. It will contribute to improved collaboration, better communication, and a shared commitment to continuously enhancing the championship’s competitiveness and entertainment value.


The inclusion of a driver representative in the WRC Commission is a positive step towards empowering competitors and ensuring their active involvement in shaping the future of the World Rally Championship. By providing drivers with a voice, the FIA and WRC Promoter aim to address concerns, implement necessary changes, and maintain the championship’s position as a premier motorsport spectacle. This initiative signifies a commitment to strengthening the championship’s appeal worldwide and delivering exhilarating racing action for years to come.

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