WRC Expands to China and USA

WRC Lists China and USA as Key Expansion Targets

Establishing a return to the USA for the first time since 1988 has been a long-term ambition for the World Rally Championship (WRC), which is looking likely to come to fruition in the future through the Rally USA project, based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

However, a move into China is also high on the WRC’s wish list once it achieves its return to the USA. China has previously hosted a WRC round in 1999, won by then Toyota.

Rally USA Project

The Rally USA project, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is poised to make the long-awaited return of the WRC to the United States. Since its last event in the USA in 1988, the WRC has had a significant desire to establish a presence in this key motorsport market.

The Rally USA project aims to not only bring the exciting rally action back to American soil but also contribute to the growth and popularity of the sport in the country. With strong support from various stakeholders, organizers are optimistic about achieving this milestone.

The potential inclusion of a WRC round in the USA has generated great anticipation among rally enthusiasts across North America. If successful, it will provide an opportunity for fans to witness the world’s best drivers and teams competing on American stages once again.

Expanding into China

While the focus remains on the Rally USA project, the WRC has expressed its interest in expanding into China as well. In 1999, China hosted a WRC round that saw Toyota emerge as the victorious manufacturer.

The WRC’s plans to return to China in the future highlight the championship’s global reach and ambition. With a passionate motorsport fanbase and a rapidly growing economy, China presents an enticing opportunity for the WRC to tap into a new market.

Expanding into China would not only bring the excitement of WRC action to Chinese spectators but also create new avenues for international collaboration and development within the sport. The potential economic benefits and exposure are additional incentives for the WRC to explore this expansion.


The WRC’s pursuit of growth and expansion has led to the identification of the United States and China as key targets. With the Rally USA project gaining momentum, the return to American soil looks promising. Simultaneously, the WRC’s interest in China demonstrates its commitment to exploring new markets and opportunities.

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