WTCR Champion’s Rally Debut at Home

WTCR Champion Makes Rally Debut at Home Event

The 2019 WTCR champion and current TCR World Tour points leader is set to fulfill a lifelong dream by competing in a rally at his home event, Rally Hungary from 6-8 October.

As a factory Hyundai TCR driver, he will have the opportunity to pilot a Hyundai i20 Rally2 car at this exciting asphalt event. What makes this even more special is that he will be competing under a special license granted by Hyundai Motorsport.

Joining him on this exhilarating journey will be experienced Hungarian co-driver Robert, adding to the local flavor of the event.

Chasing Dreams in a New Arena

For the WTCR champion, this rally debut marks a significant milestone in his career. Stepping away from the traditional circuit racing that he has dominated, he will now tackle the challenges of rally racing on the roads of Hungary.

Driving the Hyundai i20 Rally2 car, he will have to adapt his racing skills to handle different surfaces and unpredictable conditions. It will be a true test of versatility and adaptability for the talented driver.

An Extraordinary Opportunity

Thanks to the special license granted by Hyundai Motorsport, this opportunity allows the champion to showcase his skills in a new arena and connect with motorsport fans in a different way.

Competing in front of his home crowd adds an extra layer of excitement and pressure. The support from local fans is sure to fuel his determination to perform at his best and make his rally debut a memorable one.

The Road to Rally Hungary

Preparations for Rally Hungary are well underway, with the champion and his team working diligently to ensure they are ready for this thrilling challenge.

As they familiarize themselves with the Hyundai i20 Rally2 car and test their skills on various terrains, they will fine-tune their strategy and approach to maximize performance.

The countdown has begun, and all eyes will be on the WTCR champion as he takes to the rally stages of Hungary, chasing his dreams and showcasing his talent in this exciting new pursuit.

Keep up with the latest updates and follow the champion’s rally debut at Rally Hungary from 6-8 October.

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