Young Estonian Driver Secures Maiden Outright Podium

Young Estonian Driver Secures Maiden Outright Podium in FIA Rally Star Competition

The FIA Rally Star talent search competition recently witnessed the impressive performance of a 23-year-old Estonian driver who clinched third place at Rally Nova Gorica. This rally also served as the venue for the third round of the inaugural competition.

Co-driver Siim Oja accompanied the Estonian driver throughout the demanding race, contributing to their remarkable achievement. The FIA, which organized and funded the event, selected six driver and co-driver pairings after regional finals held across various parts of the world.

Behind the wheel of an M-Sport Ford Fiesta, the talented Estonian showcased exceptional driving skills on the challenging European tracks. Competing against other skilled participants, they managed to secure a well-deserved place on the podium.

The FIA Rally Star competition has been a significant platform for young drivers to showcase their abilities and potentially progress into the world of professional rallying. The support and funding provided by the FIA offer invaluable opportunities for emerging talents to pursue their passion.

By participating in this competition, the Estonian driver not only achieved a personal milestone but also demonstrated their potential to the wider rally community. The recognition gained from securing an outright podium finish will undoubtedly open doors for further opportunities on the international rally stage.

As the FIA Rally Star competition continues, it is expected to witness more remarkable performances from young drivers around the world. The competition not only promotes talent but also showcases the excitement and thrill of rally racing to a broader audience.

With a strong foundation established in the inaugural year, the FIA Rally Star competition is poised to become a paramount event in the world of rallying. Aspiring drivers and co-drivers will continue to push their limits, aiming to secure victory and recognition in the prestigious competition.

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