2022 F2 champion Drugovich commits to F1 future

2022 F2 champion Drugovich stays committed to F1 future with sim running and private testing

The 2022 Formula 2 champion, Felipe Drugovich, may not have a full-time race seat in Formula 1 next season, but he has no plans to slow down his pursuit of an F1 future. Instead, Drugovich will keep himself busy with sim running and a programme of private testing.

Unlike some reserves, who only get the rare opportunity to run on track during rookie FP1 sessions, Drugovich will have more substantial track time as part of his commitment to staying connected to the world of F1.

To enhance his skills and experience, Drugovich will be working with a two-year-old car upgraded from the AMR21 he used this season to the 2022 model. This will allow him to familiarize himself with the latest advancements in technology and performance.

Sim running will also play a crucial role in Drugovich’s preparation for a potential F1 race seat. The virtual training will not only help him understand the nuances of different circuits but also sharpen his racecraft and decision-making abilities.

Drugovich’s dedication to staying involved in the F1 world highlights his passion and determination to make it to the pinnacle of motorsport. Despite not securing a full-time drive at this stage, he remains focused on his ultimate goal.

The Brazilian driver’s commitment to private testing and sim running puts him in a better position than many other reserves. It allows him to continue honing his skills and keeping up with the latest developments in the sport.

While Drugovich’s pathway to a race seat may not be clear at present, his relentless pursuit of his dream sets a valuable example for aspiring young drivers. It serves as a reminder that hard work, dedication, and perseverance are essential ingredients for success in any competitive field.

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