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Address: Belas, Angola

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Autódromo de Luanda History

Welcome to the heart of motorsports in Angola, the Autódromo de Luanda. This remarkable race track, situated in the vibrant capital city of Angola, boasts a rich history of hosting thrilling races and continues to captivate the hearts of fans and drivers alike. Let's delve into the high-speed world of Autódromo de Luanda and discover what makes it a favorite among motorsports enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into History

Constructed in 1972 during the Portuguese colonial era, the Autódromo de Luanda was originally known as the "Circuito de Luanda." This track was designed to serve as a premier venue for motorsports in Angola, and it quickly became a beloved destination for both fans and drivers. Over the years, the circuit has undergone several modifications and renovations to enhance safety and reduce lap times.

The Thrilling Experience

The Autódromo de Luanda offers a unique and unforgettable experience for drivers. With a total length of 4.9 kilometers (3.04 miles) and a width of 12 meters (39 feet), the circuit features a combination of fast straights and challenging corners. Its undulating nature, including several uphill and downhill sections, adds to the excitement and challenge of racing here.

Safety and Spectator Comfort

Safety remains a top priority at Autódromo de Luanda. The circuit is meticulously designed to meet international safety standards, featuring various safety enhancements to protect drivers in case of accidents. Additionally, the circuit is equipped with multiple grandstands, offering spectators excellent views of the races.

A Motorsports Hub

In recent years, Autódromo de Luanda has played host to a wide range of motorsports events, including national and international races. It continues to be a cornerstone of the Angola motorsports scene and is recognized as one of the top circuits in Africa. It's no wonder that both drivers and fans alike consider it a must-visit location.


If you're planning a visit to the Autódromo de Luanda, you'll be delighted to find a range of accommodations nearby. Here are a few options for your stay:

  • Luanda Grand Hotel: Located just a short drive from the circuit, this upscale hotel offers luxurious rooms and excellent amenities.

  • Raceview Hotel: As the name suggests, this hotel provides race enthusiasts with stunning views of the circuit. It's a fantastic choice for those looking for convenience and comfort.

  • Luanda Aparthotel: If you prefer a more flexible and homely atmosphere, this aparthotel is an excellent option. You can choose from spacious apartments with all the necessary amenities.

Looking Ahead

Autódromo de Luanda has an exciting future ahead. Management is committed to making ongoing improvements to the track to meet the latest safety standards and ensure the best possible experience for fans and drivers. Notable developments on the horizon include the addition of a new pit lane and paddock area, which will enhance facilities for teams and drivers, making it more attractive for international events. Moreover, new grandstands and other facilities for fans are also in the works, ensuring that the track remains accessible and enjoyable for all attendees.

In conclusion, whether you're a passionate fan of open-wheel racing, touring car racing, or sports car racing, the Autódromo de Luanda promises an experience like no other. With its rich history, exhilarating track layout, and exciting plans for the future, this circuit is a motorsports gem that should not be missed. Start planning your visit today and witness the thrill of motorsports at its finest!