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Address: Harare, Zimbabwe

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Donnybrook Raceway History

Before that there was only a temporary race track in Harare, which became known as the Belvedere Airport Circuit through Formula 1 . The airfield circuit at today’s Harare International Airport had a length of 3219 meters and was the venue for the first Formula 1 race in 1960 for the Grand Prix of Rhodesia . At the end of the 1960s, the number of flights in Harare became too high and the airfield could no longer be closed for several days for sporting events. The last race on the Belvedere Circuit took place in October 1972.

In 1972, a permanent race track was built on the 326 hectare property in January, which was named Donnybrook Park. The route layout with eight bends was designed by former world champion Graham Hill , who had proposed some changes to the route. However, the FIA delegation insisted on safety corrections when the track was approved for the Formula 1 race, and so the Rhodesian Grand Prix could not be held again on the new track until April 1974. Ian Scheckter on a Formula 1 Lotus Cosworth won this inaugural race.