All-Female Racing Championship Triumphs

The all-female racing championship, launched late last year, has successfully completed its maiden season with flying colors. Over the course of seven exciting events, the championship showcased 21 adrenaline-filled races that captivated motorsport enthusiasts around the world.

Thrill of The United States Grand Prix

One of the highlights of the season was the inclusion of the final race alongside the prestigious Formula 1 United States Grand Prix. This gave the talented drivers a chance to demonstrate their skills on a global stage, as the races were broadcast live for the first time.

Marta Garcia Claims Championship Title

The ultimate victor of the all-female racing championship’s inaugural season is Marta Garcia. Her exceptional performance and determination throughout the season earned her the coveted championship trophy. The official prize-giving ceremony to honor Marta and celebrate her achievement will be held on December 3rd at Grosvenor.

Promising Future Ahead

The success of the maiden season sets a strong foundation for the future of the all-female racing championship. With the growing interest and support from fans all over the world, the championship is expected to expand its reach and provide more opportunities for talented female drivers to shine.

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