Alonso’s Confidence Dwindles in AMR23

Spanish racing driver Fernando Alonso has admitted that he is lacking confidence in the AMR23 after uncharacteristically experiencing multiple big spins at a high-speed track during the weekend. This impacted his performance in qualifying, where he could only manage a 13th place finish. Meanwhile, his teammate Lance Stroll fared even worse, finishing in 18th position.

Challenges on the Track

When asked about the incidents and what they revealed about the car, Alonso described it as “very tricky.” He further emphasized the difficulties encountered during the previous day’s practice sessions, stating, “Yesterday [Friday] was particularly demanding…”

Unfamiliar Territory for the Spaniard

The multiple spins experienced by Alonso are out of character for the seasoned driver, leading to concerns about the performance and handling of the AMR23. Alonso himself admitted that he is not performing at his best in these challenging conditions.

Team’s Disappointing Results

The struggling duo from Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team faced disappointing outcomes in qualifying. Alonso’s 13th place and Stroll’s 18th place finishes were far from the results they were aiming for.

Looking Ahead

With unstable confidence in the AMR23, Alonso now faces the task of regaining trust in the car’s capabilities. As the team prepares for the upcoming races, they will undoubtedly analyze the performance issues and work towards improvements.


Alonso’s struggles with the AMR23 highlight the challenges faced by the team at the high-speed track. Improved performance in future races will be crucial for both Alonso and Stroll as they strive to achieve better results.

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