Alpine Engine Upgrade Plans Withdrawn

Alpine’s Proposed Upgrades for F1 Engine Equalisation Plan Withdrawn

It has recently come to light that Alpine, the French Formula One team, has decided to withdraw a series of proposed upgrades to its current engine. This decision was made after failing to secure full support from rival teams.

In July, the topic of engine equalisation was brought up in the F1 Commission following an analysis conducted by the FIA on the performance levels of the currently frozen engines. The aim was to ensure a level playing field for all teams in terms of engine power.

However, Alpine’s proposed upgrades did not receive the backing they needed, which led to the closure of the FIA assessment on the matter. As a result, the plans for engine equalisation have been abandoned.

This development comes as a disappointment for Alpine, who were looking forward to enhancing the performance of their engine. Without these upgrades, they will have to rely on their current engine for the foreseeable future.

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