Alpine’s Hypercar Success

When the French manufacturer decided to enter the World Endurance Championship’s Hypercar class in 2021, they teamed up with the Signatech team, which had previously represented them in the LMP2 category. With little time to spare, Alpine secured the Rebellion R-13 LMP1 car from its previous owner and quickly rebranded it as the Alpine A480.

This strategic move provided Alpine with a relatively straightforward entry into the top echelon of sportscar racing. With their experienced team and the track record of success achieved in LMP2, they were confident in their ability to make a mark in the hypercar class.

Successful Beginnings

Upon entering the hypercar class, Alpine quickly showcased their prowess by securing several victories. The A480 demonstrated its capability on the track and quickly became a force to be reckoned with.

The team’s victories not only solidified their position within the championship but also garnered attention from fans and competitors alike. Alpine’s entry into the hypercar class was met with excitement and anticipation.

Preparing for the Future

Building upon their successes in the hypercar class, Alpine has set their sights on the upcoming WEC season in 2024. In preparation for the future, the manufacturer is now working on developing a new car – an LMDh (Le Mans Daytona hybrid) prototype.

With this new project, Alpine aims to further establish their presence in endurance racing. The LMDh car will combine elements of the successful Rebellion R-13 LMP1 and incorporate hybrid technology for enhanced performance and efficiency.

By investing in the development of the LMDh prototype, Alpine is showcasing their commitment to innovation and competitiveness in the world of endurance racing.

Looking Ahead

As Alpine looks ahead to the 2024 WEC season, they are confident that their new LMDh car will be a formidable contender. With their experience, expertise, and determination, they aim to continue their winning streak in the hypercar class.

Fans and competitors eagerly await the debut of Alpine’s LMDh prototype, curious to see how it will redefine the standards of endurance racing. The anticipation surrounding the team’s future endeavors only adds to the excitement and intrigue of the sportscar racing community.

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