Analysis Reveals Potential Tire Issues

Analysis of Pirelli Rubber Reveals Potential Issues

The opening day of action at the Losail circuit has raised concerns about the performance of Pirelli’s tires. Analysis of the rubber has revealed evidence of a sidewall separation between the topping compound and the carcass cords. This issue, if left unaddressed, could lead to air loss when the tires are subjected to excessive use.

Initial investigations suggest that this problem may have been triggered by a new design of kerbs.

Concerns over Tire Failure Prompt Emergency Safety Measures

The FIA has introduced emergency safety measures in response to the concerns raised by the analysis of Pirelli’s tires. The potential for tire failure poses a significant risk to drivers and could lead to accidents on the track.

New Tires to Be Tested

In an effort to address the issue, Pirelli will be testing new tire designs to ensure they are more resilient and less prone to sidewall separation. It is crucial for the safety of all drivers and teams participating in races at the Losail circuit that these tire failures are resolved effectively.

Collaboration between Pirelli and Teams

Pirelli will be working closely with the teams to gather data and feedback on the performance of the new tire designs. This collaborative effort aims to find a solution that not only improves the safety of the tires but also maintains the overall performance and competitive nature of the races.

Expectations for the Qatar Grand Prix

Despite the tire concerns, excitement for the Qatar Grand Prix remains high. Teams and drivers are eager to put their skills to the test on this challenging circuit. With emergency safety measures in place, authorities are confident in providing a safe environment for everyone involved.


The analysis of Pirelli’s rubber has highlighted potential issues with the sidewall separation of the tires. The FIA’s introduction of emergency safety measures demonstrates their commitment to driver welfare and the integrity of the sport. As Pirelli works on developing new tire designs, collaboration with the teams will be vital in finding a solution that ensures both safety and performance.

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