Madras Motor Sports Club Irungattukottai Info

Address: Ground Floor, Chandhok Center, 244, Anna Salai, behind Old Anand Theatre, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006, India
Phone Number: +91 44 4203 1406

Hotels near Madras Motor Sports Club Irungattukottai

Madras Motor Sports Club Irungattukottai History

The Irungattukottai Madras Motor Sports Club, situated in the vibrant region of Irungattukottai, Tamil Nadu, India, stands as a revered emblem of motorsports excellence. This world-class motorsports venue has, over the years, carved its niche as a hotbed of high-octane racing action, drawing both fervent fans and skilled drivers to its asphalt embrace.

A Legacy of Speed and Tradition

Established in 1953, the Irungattukottai Madras Motor Sports Club is one of India's oldest and most esteemed motorsports clubs. Born from the vision of providing a premier motorsports destination in Tamil Nadu, it rapidly blossomed into a beloved hub for motorsport aficionados, etching its name in the annals of Indian motorsport history.

Home to Thrilling Motorsports Spectacles

The club's storied history is punctuated by a spectacular array of motorsports events, including the adrenaline-pumping MRF Formula 1600 Championship, the prestigious Indian National Racing Championship, and the fiercely competitive Superbike Championship. A crown jewel in the Indian racing scene, the club is also home to the iconic Sriperumbudur Circuit, acclaimed as one of India's foremost racetracks.

Unveiling the Sriperumbudur Circuit

The crown jewel of the Irungattukottai Madras Motor Sports Club is the formidable Sriperumbudur Circuit. Spanning a total length of 3.717 kilometers (2.309 miles) and boasting a width of 10 meters (33 feet), this circuit beckons drivers with its unique blend of breakneck straights and formidable corners.

The circuit's character is defined by its elevation changes, featuring challenging uphill and downhill sections that keep drivers on their toes. Its lengthy back straight presents an ideal canvas for daring overtakes, making it a cherished haunt for drivers seeking the ultimate thrill and challenge.

Explore Irungattukottai: A Town of Motorsport Enthusiasts

Irungattukottai, the charming town that cradles the Madras Motor Sports Club, is steeped in the tradition of motorsports. This town has witnessed some of India's most thrilling and memorable races, and it provides a captivating backdrop for motorsport events. Its strategic location in close proximity to Chennai, one of India's bustling metropolises, makes it easily accessible to fans from across the nation.

Where to Stay

For those planning to attend events at the Irungattukottai Madras Motor Sports Club, there are several hotels in the vicinity where you can enjoy a comfortable stay. Some of the options include:

Hotel Aces and Queens

  • Location: Just 1.5 kilometers from the circuit
  • Features: Modern amenities, on-site dining, and easy access to the circuit.

Speedway Inn

  • Location: Approximately 2 kilometers from the circuit
  • Features: Comfortable rooms, parking facilities, and a convenient location for race enthusiasts.

Velocity Residency

  • Location: About 3 kilometers from the circuit
  • Features: Budget-friendly accommodations, Wi-Fi, and a friendly staff.

A Promising Future

The Irungattukottai Madras Motor Sports Club is set to continue its legacy of motorsport excellence. With a commitment to enhancing safety and fan experiences, the management is actively working on improvements. The addition of new facilities for fans and the exploration of immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality promise to make the motorsport experience even more exhilarating for fans and attendees.

Prepare to be awestruck and captivated by the roaring engines, thrilling races, and rich motorsport heritage that define the Irungattukottai Madras Motor Sports Club. Visit and experience the heart-pounding action for yourself in this dynamic motorsport haven in Tamil Nadu, India.