Autopolis International Racing Course Info

Address: 1112-8 Kamitsuemachi Kaminoda, Hita, Oita 877-0312, Japan
Phone Number: +81 973-55-1111

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Autopolis International Racing Course History

The Autopolis International Racing Course, nestled in the picturesque town of Hita, Oita, Japan, is a true gem among motorsports enthusiasts. This world-class circuit has a rich history of hosting high-profile events that have left fans and drivers alike in awe. From the Super GT Championship to the All-Japan Formula Three Championship, Autopolis International Racing Course has seen it all.

Architectural Excellence by Sergio Rinland

Designed by the renowned Italian architect, Sergio Rinland, the Autopolis International Racing Course opened its gates to the world in 1990. With a vision to provide Japan with a premier motorsports venue, Rinland's creation quickly became a hub for motorsports aficionados.

A Glance into the Past

The inaugural race at Autopolis was none other than the All-Japan Sports Prototype Championship, featuring Japanese driver Kazuyoshi Hoshino securing victory in a Nissan R90C. Since that historic day, the circuit has hosted a plethora of prestigious motorsports events, including the Super GT Championship, Japanese Formula 3 Championship, and the Asian Le Mans Series.

A Racing Challenge Unleashed

With a total length of 4.67 kilometers (2.9 miles) and a width of 14 meters (46 feet), Autopolis International Racing Course offers a unique blend of fast straights and challenging corners. Its elevation changes, featuring thrilling uphill and downhill sections, add to the circuit's reputation as a true test of a driver's skill.

The Infamous Esses Section

The Autopolis Circuit's iconic Esses section is a demanding sequence of corners that pushes drivers to their limits. Its fast and flowing nature, coupled with challenging corners, draws those who seek the thrill of testing themselves and their cars.

Home of the Super GT Championship

Autopolis International Racing Course is famously known for hosting the annual Super GT Championship. This high-octane event, set against the backdrop of Hita's beauty and Autopolis' challenging layout, promises an unforgettable experience for fans and drivers.

A Testament to Excellence

The circuit's commitment to safety is unwavering, adhering to international standards with various safety features to protect drivers in case of accidents. Numerous grandstands provide spectators with excellent views of the track, ensuring an immersive experience.

A Promising Future

The Autopolis International Racing Course is on the cusp of exciting developments. The management is dedicated to enhancing the circuit's facilities to meet the latest safety standards and ensure the best experience for fans and drivers. These enhancements include making the circuit more accessible for fans, promising an even better racing experience.

Stay Close to the Action

To make the most of your visit to Autopolis International Racing Course, consider staying at one of the nearby hotels. Here are a few options to choose from:

1. Autopolis Hotel

Situated a stone's throw away from the circuit, the Autopolis Hotel offers convenience and comfort. You can practically hear the roar of the engines from your room.

2. Hita Onsen Rurikura Resort

Experience Japanese hospitality at its best by staying at Hita Onsen Rurikura Resort. Unwind in their natural hot springs after a thrilling day at the races.

3. Oita Regal Hotel

Located within driving distance, the Oita Regal Hotel offers a comfortable stay with modern amenities. It's a perfect choice for those who prefer to explore the region beyond the circuit.

Your visit to Autopolis International Racing Course is not just about the races; it's about creating lasting memories. Choose one of these hotels to ensure your stay is as memorable as the races themselves.