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Address: 1210 Takimiya, Mimasaka, Okayama 701-2612, Japan
Phone Number: +81 868-74-3311

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Okayama International Circuit History

Welcome to the thrilling world of motorsports at Okayama International Circuit! Located in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, this iconic race track has been the stage for heart-pounding racing action for over 30 years. Join us as we delve into the history, layout, and unforgettable events that have made this circuit a mecca for racing enthusiasts.

A Legacy of Speed and Precision

Okayama International Circuit opened its gates in 1990, intended to replace the outdated Tsukuba Circuit. Designed by the renowned German engineer Hermann Tilke, whose portfolio includes masterpieces like the Bahrain International Circuit and the Sepang International Circuit, this track was destined to host international racing events. And it did so with unparalleled flair, capturing the imaginations of motorsport aficionados worldwide.

A Glimpse into the Past

The circuit's international debut came in 1994 when it hosted the Pacific Grand Prix, an electrifying part of the 1994 Formula One season. The event saw Damon Hill, representing the Williams-Renault team, claim the victory. The Pacific Grand Prix continued to captivate audiences for two more years before the race reached its final lap.

Evolving Excellence

In 2003, Okayama International Circuit underwent a significant transformation. The track embraced change with a brand-new pit complex and an extended main straight. The newly minted pit facilities now rank among the most modern and well-equipped globally, propelling the circuit to the forefront of international racing destinations.

Taming the Beast

This legendary circuit spans 3.7 kilometers (2.3 miles) and offers a thrilling layout of 11 challenging turns. High-speed straights merge seamlessly with tight corners, demanding the utmost precision from drivers. The circuit's undulating terrain adds yet another layer of complexity to the racing experience.

The circuit's layout features a medley of corners, including hairpins, fast sweeping turns, and tight chicanes. The first corner greets racers with a hairpin bend, followed by a succession of fast-paced turns leading into a lengthy straight. The final sector unveils a series of intricate corners that require drivers to execute precision driving and masterful braking techniques.

Beyond the Track

While the track itself is a sight to behold, Okayama International Circuit offers much more to visitors. The circuit boasts a grandstand with a capacity for up to 30,000 spectators, allowing fans to witness the racing action up close. Additionally, VIP hospitality suites provide an exclusive experience for those looking to indulge in luxury. The vast paddock area serves as the nerve center where teams store their cars and equipment, adding to the overall atmosphere.

Unforgettable Racing Moments

Okayama International Circuit has witnessed its fair share of iconic moments throughout the years. Besides the Pacific Grand Prix, the circuit has hosted a plethora of high-profile races, becoming a hotspot for motorsport enthusiasts.

One of the circuit's standout events is the Super GT, a touring car championship that assembles top drivers and teams from Japan and around the world. Since its inception in 1994, Okayama International Circuit has consistently hosted this thrilling event, making it a highlight on the racing calendar.

Another esteemed racing event is the Super Formula, a single-seater championship that showcases some of the most gifted drivers from across the globe. Since 2003, the circuit has been home to the Super Formula, attracting both drivers and fans alike with its breathtaking racing action.

Stay Close to the Action

For those looking to immerse themselves in the motorsport culture at Okayama International Circuit, several hotels provide a comfortable and convenient stay. Whether you're a passionate fan or a team member, these nearby accommodations ensure you're well-rested and ready to experience the excitement of the track.

  • Okayama Hotel – Located just a stone's throw away from the circuit, the Okayama Hotel offers comfortable rooms and excellent amenities for motorsport enthusiasts.

  • Mimasaka Grand Lodge – This charming lodge nestled in the scenic Mimasaka region provides a cozy retreat after a day of thrilling races.

  • Speedway Inn – Embrace the racing spirit at Speedway Inn, situated conveniently close to Okayama International Circuit, making it the perfect choice for avid fans.

Make your visit to Okayama International Circuit an unforgettable experience by choosing one of these nearby hotels. After an action-packed day at the track, you can unwind in comfort, ensuring you're recharged and ready for more motorsport excitement.

So, pack your gear, book your stay, and get ready to be part of the legacy at Okayama International Circuit. It's a racing adventure you won't want to miss!