Aston Martin Mixes Upgrades for Brazil GP

Aston Martin Set to Mix and Match F1 Upgrades for Brazil GP

Aston Martin Set to Mix and Match F1 Upgrades for Brazil GP

The Spaniard and team-mate Lance Stroll have endured a difficult run of races since new developments arrived at the United States Grand Prix.

Neither driver has been particularly happy with the balance of the car, and things were not helped by the team getting struck by brake problems in FP1 at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas that ultimately derailed its weekend there.

Looking Ahead

But ahead of a sprint race…

Aston Martin is working hard to address the issues that have plagued them in recent races. Both drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll, have reported a lack of balance in the car, which has negatively affected their performance on track. The team has been analyzing data and making changes to improve the situation.

One of the major setbacks the team faced was the brake problems during FP1 at the Circuit of the Americas. This issue disrupted their entire weekend and led to a poor result. However, the team has taken steps to rectify the problem and is confident that they will not face a similar issue in the upcoming races.

Strategy Going Forward

To overcome their recent struggles, Aston Martin plans to mix and match upgrades for the Brazil GP. By carefully selecting and combining different components, the team hopes to find the perfect balance and maximize the car’s performance on the challenging Interlagos circuit.

The technical team has been working closely with the drivers to understand their feedback and make adjustments accordingly. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll have been actively involved in the development process and are optimistic about the improvements that can be made.

While it’s challenging to identify the exact cause of the balance issues, Aston Martin aims to address all potential factors. By experimenting with different setups and components, they are confident in finding a solution that will allow their drivers to perform at their best.


Aston Martin recognizes the importance of resolving the balance issues and restoring confidence in their car. They have learned from their recent setbacks and are determined to bounce back stronger.

The upcoming Brazil GP presents an opportunity for the team to showcase their progress and deliver a competitive performance. With their strategic approach of mixing and matching upgrades, Aston Martin is aiming to find the winning formula that will propel them to success.

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