Aston Martin Upgrades AMR23 for F1

Aston Martin Makes Significant Upgrades to AMR23 for F1 Season

Aston Martin Makes Significant Upgrades to AMR23 for F1 Season

As the Formula 1 season enters its final stages, Aston Martin is determined to hold onto fourth place in the constructors’ standings amidst strong competition from McLaren. In order to stay ahead, Aston Martin has unveiled a series of major upgrades for their AMR23 car.

Upgraded Floor, Bodywork, and Beam Wing

For the upcoming race in Austin, the AMR23 has received several key improvements. The floor edge has been adjusted, and a longitudinal slot has been added along with an outboard wing. Previously, the wing was mounted underneath the floor. These changes are aimed at enhancing the car’s aerodynamic performance and stability on the track.

Improved Diffuser

In addition to the modifications mentioned above, the AMR23’s diffuser has also been revised. Aston Martin has focused on enhancing the side view expansion of the diffuser, allowing for improved air flow and increased downforce. These changes are expected to provide the car with better grip and handling, enabling Aston Martin to push harder during races.

Retaining Fourth Place

Aston Martin’s decision to introduce these upgrades at this stage of the season highlights their determination to retain their current position in the constructors’ standings. With McLaren rapidly closing the gap, every point earned is crucial for Aston Martin’s chances of securing fourth place overall. The team hopes that these significant upgrades will give them the edge they need to maintain their position until the end.


Aston Martin’s relentless pursuit of success in Formula 1 has led to the development of these major upgrades for their AMR23 car. By focusing on aerodynamic improvements and overall performance, Aston Martin aims to secure fourth place in the constructors’ championship against strong competition. The upgraded floor, bodywork, beam wing, and revised diffuser are expected to significantly enhance the car’s abilities on the track. As the season unfolds, fans will eagerly watch how these changes impact Aston Martin’s performance and their battle with McLaren.

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