Aston Martin’s GT Racing Commitment with Valkyrie

The British manufacturer made an exciting announcement during the launch of the Valkyrie programme on Wednesday. Aston Martin confirmed that it will remain fully involved in the GT3 and GT4 classes for the foreseeable future.

Under the Aston Martin Racing banner, the company will be collaborating with Prodrive to develop new versions of its GT3 and GT4 customer cars based on the Vantage platform. These enhanced vehicles are expected to be ready for the upcoming season.

A Strong Presence in the GT Racing Scene

Aston Martin has a long-standing presence in the world of GT racing, and this commitment is set to continue with the introduction of the Valkyrie hypercar. Despite the focus on their new flagship vehicle, Aston Martin recognizes the importance of their customers and the impact they have on the motorsport community.

By producing improved versions of their GT3 and GT4 cars, Aston Martin aims to provide their customers with even greater performance and reliability on the track. With the expertise and collaboration with Prodrive, a renowned motorsport engineering company, the new customer cars are expected to make a significant impact in the GT racing scene.

Next-Generation Performance

The Valkyrie hypercar, which has generated much excitement and anticipation, will not divert Aston Martin’s attention away from its GT racing commitments. Instead, the technological advancements and learnings from the Valkyrie project will be incorporated into the development of the new GT3 and GT4 customer cars.

Aston Martin enthusiasts can expect next-generation performance and innovation in the upcoming Vantage-based GT cars. The integration of state-of-the-art technologies and aerodynamic enhancements will elevate the performance capabilities of these vehicles, allowing drivers to push their limits and achieve remarkable results on the race track.

Continued Support for Customers

By reaffirming its commitment to GT racing, Aston Martin demonstrates its dedication to its customers and the motorsport community as a whole. The production of new GT3 and GT4 customer cars is a testament to the company’s desire to support its loyal drivers and teams.

With the backing of Aston Martin Racing and Prodrive, customers can expect exceptional service, technical support, and access to the latest advancements in GT racing technology. Aston Martin understands the importance of nurturing and maintaining strong relationships with its customers, which is reflected in this continued commitment to the GT racing world.

Looking Ahead

The announcement of Aston Martin’s commitment to GT racing alongside the Valkyrie hypercar launch is an exciting development for the motorsport community. It signifies the brand’s determination to maintain a significant presence in both the high-performance road car and racing sectors.

As the next season approaches, Aston Martin enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the new GT3 and GT4 customer cars. These vehicles are set to showcase the cutting-edge engineering and design prowess of both Aston Martin and Prodrive, cementing their position at the forefront of GT racing innovation.

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