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Address: PO Box 267, Wanneroo, WA 6946, Australia
Phone Number: (08) 9306 8022

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Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo History

Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo, located in Western Australia, is more than just a motorsports venue; it's a testament to the tireless efforts of the Western Australian Sporting Car Club (WASCC) and the local community. Established in a picturesque location, this raceway has become a haven for motorsports enthusiasts from around the world.

A Journey from Caversham to Wanneroo

In 1966, the WASCC received news that the lease for its existing facility in Caversham would not be renewed by the Department of Defence. This news served as a catalyst for change, and in mid-1968, the WASCC, in collaboration with the Wanneroo Council and the Western Australian State Government, designated the current site in Wanneroo for the purpose of motor racing.

Clearing of the new site began swiftly, as the area was covered in virgin regrowth bush. Dedicated WASCC volunteers took on the daunting task of building the circuit from the ground up. Their determination and hard work laid the foundation for what would become the Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo.

The Inaugural Race

In January 1969, the finishing touches were added as the asphalt was laid, marking a significant milestone in the circuit's construction. Just a month later, in February 1969, the circuit hosted its first-ever race meeting. It was a remarkable achievement, considering the facilities were still a work in progress at the time.

The initial Pit/Paddock area was situated at the top of the hill on the infield, adjacent to turn 5. These humble beginnings showcase the true grassroots spirit of Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo.

Community and Club Support

The construction and development of Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo were made possible through the unwavering commitment of the WASCC and the support of loyal sponsors. As the project neared completion, and funds ran low, the WASCC issued repayable debentures to its members and supporters to secure the necessary financing. The club's dedication and willingness to invest in its future paid off, as the venue began to take shape.

The WASCC also expressed its gratitude for the crucial support provided by the Wanneroo Council. The council extended a helping hand by offering machinery and valuable advice, ultimately ensuring the success of the project.

Explore Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo

Today, Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo stands as a testament to the perseverance of a motorsports community and a true motorsports destination in Western Australia. Visitors and racing enthusiasts can witness the rich history of this raceway and experience thrilling events throughout the year.

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Whether you're here to witness the excitement of the race or to explore the history of the track, Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo and its surrounding hotels offer an unforgettable experience for all.