Baskerville Raceway Info

Address: 473 Baskerville Rd, Old Beach TAS 7017, Australia
Phone Number: 0407 718 896

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Baskerville Raceway History

Baskerville Raceway, located in Tasmania, Australia, holds a special place in the heart of motorsport enthusiasts. Since its grand opening in February 1958, it has been a hub of adrenaline-pumping action and has drawn crowds that were a testament to its allure. Let's take a closer look at the history and offerings of this iconic raceway.

A Historic Beginning

Baskerville Raceway's history is steeped in passion and dedication. It all began when the Morrisby family, who owned the land, decided to lease it to the Hobart Sporting Car Club (HSCC) for an astonishing 100-year period. The rent? Just one shilling per year. This move showcased the commitment of the Morrisby family, especially Calvin Morrisby, who was a true circuit racing enthusiast.

The HSCC Era

For over two decades, from the opening until the early 1980s, the HSCC held the reins of Baskerville Raceway. They not only maintained and operated the property but also took on the role of the event promoter. This was an era of motorsport glory, as Baskerville Raceway hosted a multitude of large-scale events that attracted some of the biggest names in the industry. It wasn't just the southernmost circuit in Australia; it held its own as a world-class racing destination.

Staying Close to the Action

Visiting Baskerville Raceway is a dream come true for motorsport enthusiasts, and you'll want to make the most of your experience by staying in a nearby hotel. Here are a few excellent options:

1. Baskerville Raceway Lodge

  • Location: Right next to the raceway, offering unparalleled convenience.
  • Amenities: Comfortable rooms, a restaurant with a view of the track, and a motorsport-themed bar.

2. Baskerville Hotel

  • Location: Just a short drive from the raceway, providing a peaceful retreat.
  • Amenities: Cozy rooms, a restaurant serving local cuisine, and a bar to unwind after a day at the circuit.

3. Baskerville Motor Inn

  • Location: Conveniently situated within a few miles of the raceway.
  • Amenities: Well-appointed rooms, free Wi-Fi, and ample parking space.

These options ensure that you can be close to the action at Baskerville Raceway while enjoying a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Baskerville Raceway's rich history and ongoing commitment to motorsport make it a must-visit destination for racing enthusiasts. Whether you're here to witness thrilling races or experience the nostalgia of the past, this iconic circuit is sure to leave a lasting impression. And with the nearby hotel options, you can rest easy and gear up for another day of high-octane excitement.