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Address: Calder Freeway, Keilor, Victoria 3036, Australia
Phone Number: 0435 350 915

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Calder Park Raceway History

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Calder Park Raceway stands as a historic and beloved racing destination that has consistently captured the hearts of motorsports enthusiasts since its establishment in 1962. This comprehensive guide takes you on a thrilling journey through the rich history and exhilarating offerings of this iconic race track, while also ensuring your visit is a memorable one with information on nearby hotels for your convenience.

A Glimpse into Calder Park Raceway's Legacy

Calder Park Raceway's storied legacy began in the early 1960s through a collaborative effort between the Melbourne Racing Club and visionary businessman Bob Jane. Situated on a former airfield, this racing complex boasted an array of facilities, including a drag racing strip, a circuit racing track, and even a figure-eight track, instantly setting it apart from other motorsports venues.

Over the years, Calder Park Raceway has continuously evolved, with new sections and features added to mold the captivating circuit it is today. Notably, in the 1980s, the renowned Calder Park Thunderdome was introduced, adding a high-speed oval track tailored for NASCAR and Australian touring car racing. The Thunderdome, characterized by its steep banking and sweeping turns, has proven itself as a thrilling highlight of Australian motorsports.

Unveiling the Magnificence of Calder Park Raceway

Calder Park Raceway spans over 3.2 kilometers, offering a diverse array of elements to challenge drivers and engage fans. From rapid straights to demanding corners, the circuit guarantees an adrenaline-pumping experience for both drivers and spectators.

The Calder Park Thunderdome emerges as the star attraction. This high-speed oval track, born in the 1980s, promises intense action and heart-pounding finishes. Drivers hit speeds of up to 300 km/h on the straightaways, making for an electrifying spectacle.

The raceway has carved a lasting impact on the Australian motorsports scene, bringing world-class racing to the country and elevating the status of local drivers and teams. It serves as a hub for motorsports enthusiasts not only in Australia but also for racing aficionados from across the globe.

Moreover, Calder Park Raceway has been instrumental in advancing motorsports in Australia, serving as a stage for local talents to display their prowess and compete at an international level. The circuit has proudly hosted numerous prestigious events, including the V8 Supercars Championship, the Australian Touring Car Championship, and the Australian Drag Racing Championship.

A Calendar Filled with Motorsports Action

Calder Park Raceway boasts a vibrant calendar of motorsports events throughout the year, ensuring there's something for every fan. The most anticipated event is the V8 Supercars Championship, a thrilling competition held in August as part of the Supercars Championship.

The V8 Supercars Championship is a highlight in Australian motorsports, attracting top-notch drivers and teams from across the nation and beyond. It is renowned for its challenging and unpredictable nature, with Calder Park Raceway's fast straights and tight corners pushing drivers to their limits.

Where to Stay: Hotels Near Calder Park Raceway

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These hotels provide excellent lodging options, catering to both racegoers and motorsports enthusiasts looking for comfort and proximity to the excitement of Calder Park Raceway.

Calder Park Raceway embodies the spirit of motorsports in Australia, offering a unique blend of history, speed, and excitement. From its captivating Thunderdome to its legendary events, the raceway is a must-visit destination for motorsports fans. So, pack your bags, book a nearby hotel, and get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of Calder Park Raceway, where history meets horsepower.