Lakeside Park Circuit Info

Address: Lakeside Rd, Kurwongbah QLD 4503, Australia
Phone Number: 1300 7223 48

Hotels near Lakeside Park Circuit

Lakeside Park Circuit History

If you're a motorsports enthusiast, Lakeside Park Circuit in Australia is a must-visit destination. This classic and beloved race track has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1961. Formerly known as Lakeside International Raceway, it has been the stage for thrilling events, including Australian touring car rounds, GT races, and the Australian Superbike Championship. In addition to these iconic races, the circuit has twice hosted Formula Grand Prix races, making it a historic gem in the world of motorsports. The first edition of the Formula Grand Prix in 1966 saw Graham Hill emerge victorious with a BRM.

A Scenic Setting

Lakeside Park Circuit is not just about the adrenaline-pumping races; it's also known for its picturesque location. Nestled along the shores of Lake Kurwongbah, the circuit offers stunning views of the surrounding grasslands. The serene backdrop of the lake combined with the roar of engines on the track creates a unique atmosphere that every motorsports enthusiast will appreciate.

Convenient Location

Located just 30 kilometers north of Brisbane in the state of Queensland, Lakeside Park Circuit is easily accessible. Whether you're a local resident or a traveler exploring Australia, this circuit is a convenient destination for an exciting day at the races.

Hotels Near Lakeside Park Circuit

After a thrilling day at Lakeside Park Circuit, you'll want a comfortable place to rest and recharge. Fortunately, there are several hotels in the vicinity where you can unwind and enjoy a good night's sleep. Here are some options:

1. Lakeside Retreat (0.5 miles away)

Conveniently situated within a half-mile of the circuit, Lakeside Retreat offers comfortable accommodations with picturesque views of the lake. It's an ideal choice for those who want to stay close to the action.

2. Kurwongbah House (1 mile away)

If you prefer a more homely atmosphere, Kurwongbah House is just a mile from Lakeside Park Circuit. This charming bed and breakfast provides a cozy retreat for weary travelers.

3. Brisbane Lakeside Holiday Village (3 miles away)

For a wider range of amenities and a bit more distance from the circuit, the Brisbane Lakeside Holiday Village is a great choice. Located just 3 miles away, it offers a variety of accommodation options and recreational facilities.

Plan Your Visit

Lakeside Park Circuit is not just a racetrack; it's a destination that offers a blend of motorsports excitement and natural beauty. Whether you're an avid racing fan or just looking for a unique experience in Australia, a visit to Lakeside Park Circuit promises an unforgettable adventure. Make sure to book your stay at one of the nearby hotels for a complete and enjoyable visit.