Sandown Raceway Info

Address: 591-659 Princes Hwy, Springvale, Vic 3171, Australia
Phone Number: (+61) 3 9518 1362

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Sandown Raceway History

Nestled in Springvale, Victoria, Sandown Raceway is a historic and cherished racing gem that has held a special place in the hearts of motorsports enthusiasts since its inauguration in 1962. This article takes you on a journey through the rich history, unique features, and thrilling events that define Sandown Raceway. Moreover, we'll explore the convenient accommodation options available for those looking to stay near this iconic race track.

A Historic Gem

Sandown Raceway's roots extend back to the early 1960s when it emerged as a visionary collaboration between the Melbourne Racing Club and entrepreneur Max Kirwan. This distinctive circuit was constructed on the grounds of a former sand quarry and offered a comprehensive set of amenities, including a challenging racing track, a drag racing strip, and facilities catering to drivers and fans alike.

Evolving Excellence

Over the years, Sandown Raceway has evolved and expanded, enhancing its features to create the exhilarating and demanding circuit it is today. The 1980s marked a significant milestone with the addition of a modern pit and paddock complex, equipping the track with state-of-the-art facilities for both drivers and racing teams.

The Unique Challenge

Sandown Raceway is renowned for its one-of-a-kind layout and demanding features, setting the stage for a thrilling experience for racers and spectators alike. Stretching over 3.1 kilometers, the track offers a diverse range of elements, including fast straights, tight corners, and varying elevation changes.

What makes Sandown truly distinctive is its natural terrain location, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape that enhance the excitement and beauty of the races. Key sections of the circuit include the high-speed Turn 1, the technical and narrow Turn 6, and the fast and sweeping Turn 9, all adding layers of challenge and excitement.

A Driving Force in Australian Motorsports

Sandown Raceway has left an indelible mark on the Australian motorsports landscape. It has brought world-class racing to Victoria, elevating the profiles of local drivers and teams. The circuit has evolved into a haven for motorsports enthusiasts from Victoria and beyond, drawing thousands of fans to races and events throughout the year.

Notably, Sandown Raceway has been instrumental in nurturing local motorsports talent and providing a platform for Australian drivers and teams to showcase their skills on an international stage. The circuit's illustrious history includes hosting various prestigious events such as the Australian Touring Car Championship, the Sandown 500, and the Shannons Nationals.

An Eventful Calendar

Sandown Raceway hosts a diverse range of motorsports events, appealing to fans and enthusiasts of all kinds. The crown jewel of their calendar is the Sandown 500, taking place in September as part of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

The Sandown 500 is a marquee event in Australian motorsports, attracting the country's best drivers and teams, as well as international contenders. The race is renowned for its challenging and unpredictable nature, with Sandown Raceway's fast straights and tight corners rigorously testing the skills and endurance of drivers.

Additionally, the circuit hosts a variety of other events, including the Shannons Nationals held throughout the year, providing a platform for local drivers and teams to compete at a state level. The drag racing events at Sandown Raceway are celebrated for their high-speed action and exhilarating finishes, with drivers reaching incredible speeds of up to 300 km/h on the drag strip.

Stay Near the Action

For those planning to attend the exciting motorsports events at Sandown Raceway, you'll be pleased to know that there are several comfortable and convenient accommodation options in close proximity to the circuit. Here are a few recommended hotels where you can stay:

  • Sandown Regency: Located just a stone's throw away from the circuit, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and modern amenities, making it a perfect choice for motorsports enthusiasts.

  • Sandown Village Motor Inn: This motor inn provides a peaceful stay and is within walking distance of the race track. Enjoy a cozy retreat after an action-packed day at the circuit.

  • Novotel Melbourne Glen Waverley: Situated a short drive from Sandown Raceway, this upscale hotel offers a range of amenities, ensuring a luxurious stay during your visit.

Explore these accommodation options to make the most of your motorsports adventure at Sandown Raceway. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or a spectator, Sandown Raceway promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the rich history and thrilling future of Australian motorsports.