The Bend Motorsport Park Info

Address: 543 Dukes Hwy, Tailem Bend SA 5260, Australia
Phone Number: +61 (08) 8165 5700

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The Bend Motorsport Park History

Location: Tailem Bend, South Australia

The Bend Motorsport Park, situated in Tailem Bend, South Australia, is a motorsports enthusiast's dream destination. This premier race track has captivated the hearts of both fans and drivers with its state-of-the-art facilities, distinctive layout, and challenging features. The Bend Motorsport Park has a rich history of hosting various motorsports events, including the prestigious Supercars Championship and the thrilling Shannons Nationals.

A Racing Haven

The inception of The Bend Motorsport Park can be traced back to the 2010s when it was established as a collaborative venture between local businessman Sam Shahin and the South Australian Government. The track was ingeniously built on a former farming property and boasts an array of facilities. These include a world-class circuit racing track, an exciting go-kart track, and an extensive range of amenities catering to both drivers and fans.

Evolution and Advancements

Throughout its existence, The Bend Motorsport Park has continuously evolved and undergone significant improvements. Notable enhancements have been made, such as the addition of new sections and features, shaping it into the thrilling and challenging circuit it is today. In 2018, a cutting-edge pit and paddock complex was introduced, providing top-notch facilities for drivers and racing teams.

A Unique and Challenging Circuit

One of the standout characteristics of The Bend Motorsport Park is its unique layout, offering an array of challenging features. The circuit spans an impressive 7.77 kilometers, encompassing fast straights, tight corners, and a range of elevation changes. The track's natural terrain adds a unique dimension to the racing experience, with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape enhancing the beauty and excitement of the races. Key sections that test the mettle of drivers include the high-speed Turn 1, the technical and narrow Turn 6, and the fast and sweeping Turn 18.

A Catalyst for Australian Motorsports

The Bend Motorsport Park has played a pivotal role in transforming the Australian motorsports landscape. It has brought world-class racing to South Australia, elevating the profiles of local drivers and teams. The circuit has evolved into a focal point for motorsports enthusiasts in South Australia and beyond, attracting thousands of fans to races and events held throughout the year.

Fostering Local Talent

In addition to boosting the motorsports scene in Australia, The Bend Motorsport Park has provided a platform for local drivers and teams to showcase their skills and compete at an international level. The circuit has been the stage for a variety of prestigious events, including the Supercars Championship, the Shannons Nationals, and the Australian Superbike Championship.

Racing All Year Round

The Bend Motorsport Park is a hub for motorsports action, offering a wide range of events to cater to diverse tastes. The most prominent event is the Supercars Championship, which takes place in August as part of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. This event draws some of the finest drivers and teams from across the country and beyond, promising intense competition and unpredictable races.

Apart from the Supercars Championship, the circuit hosts a myriad of other events, including the year-round Shannons Nationals. These events serve as a platform for Australia's finest drivers and teams to compete at an international level. The Australian Superbike Championship, showcasing the skills of the country's top motorcycle riders, also finds its home at this remarkable circuit.

Staying Near The Bend

For those traveling to The Bend Motorsport Park to witness the excitement of motorsports up close, there are several hotels and accommodations located conveniently near the circuit. Here are a few options to consider:

  • The Bend Hotel: Located just a stone's throw away from the circuit, The Bend Hotel offers comfortable rooms and a relaxed atmosphere for motorsports enthusiasts. It's the perfect choice for those looking to maximize their time at the track.

  • Tailem Bend Motel: This motel is situated within a short drive of The Bend Motorsport Park and provides a cost-effective and comfortable lodging option for race attendees.

  • Murray Bridge Motor Inn: While not as close to the circuit as some other options, the Murray Bridge Motor Inn offers a comfortable stay and is within reasonable driving distance of the track.

  • Country Comfort Adelaide Manor: Located a bit farther from the circuit in Adelaide, this hotel provides a wider range of amenities and is suitable for those looking for a more comprehensive lodging experience.

Before planning your visit to The Bend Motorsport Park, be sure to check for availability and book your stay in advance to ensure a seamless and enjoyable motorsports adventure.

Whether you're a racing enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting sporting event, The Bend Motorsport Park promises an unforgettable experience. The combination of high-speed racing, breathtaking views, and top-tier facilities makes it a must-visit destination for motorsports fans in Australia and beyond.