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Address: 4770 Braidwood Rd, Tirrannaville NSW 2580, Australia
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Wakefield Park Raceway History

Wakefield Park Raceway is a premier racing destination located in Goulburn, New South Wales. Known for its challenging features, unique layout, and beautiful natural setting, Wakefield Park has become a favorite among motorsports enthusiasts and drivers alike. In this article, we will explore the history and features of Wakefield Park, its impact on the Australian motorsports scene, and the various events that take place at this iconic track.

History and Development

Wakefield Park Raceway was first developed in the early 1990s, as a joint venture between local businessman Terry Denovan and the Goulburn City Council. The circuit was built on a former airfield and featured a range of facilities, including a circuit racing track, a go-kart track, and a range of facilities for drivers and fans alike.

Over the years, the circuit underwent significant changes and improvements, with new sections and features added to create the exciting and challenging circuit that we know today. In 2013, a new pit and paddock complex was added to the circuit, providing state-of-the-art facilities for drivers and teams.

Thrilling Circuit Features

Wakefield Park is known for its unique layout and challenging features, providing an exciting and thrilling venue for drivers and fans alike. The circuit spans over 2.2 kilometers and features a range of features, including fast straights, tight corners, and a range of elevation changes.

The circuit is unique in that it is built on a natural terrain, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape adding to the excitement and beauty of the race. The circuit features a range of challenging sections, including the high-speed Turn 1, the technical and narrow Turn 4, and the fast and sweeping Turn 9.

Impact on Australian Motorsports

Wakefield Park has had a significant impact on the Australian motorsports scene, bringing world-class racing to Goulburn and raising the profile of local drivers and teams. The circuit has become a hub for motorsports enthusiasts in New South Wales and beyond, with thousands of fans attending races and events throughout the year.

Wakefield Park has also contributed to the development of motorsports in Australia, providing a platform for local drivers and teams to showcase their skills and compete at an international level. The circuit has played host to a variety of motorsports events, including the Australian Superbike Championship, the Improved Production Nationals, and the NSW Motor Racing Championship.

Exciting Events

Wakefield Park hosts a wide range of motorsports events throughout the year, catering to different types of fans and enthusiasts. The most significant event at the circuit is the Australian Superbike Championship, which takes place in March and attracts some of the best motorbike riders from across the country.

The Australian Superbike Championship is one of the most significant events in Australian motorsports, attracting thousands of fans to Wakefield Park and providing an opportunity for local riders to compete at an international level. The race is known for its challenging and unpredictable nature, with the fast straights and tight corners of Wakefield Park testing the skills and endurance of the riders.

The circuit also hosts a range of other events, including the Improved Production Nationals, which takes place in October and provides a platform for some of the best production car drivers in the country to compete. The NSW Motor Racing Championship is also held at the circuit, showcasing the skills of some of the best motorsports drivers in New South Wales.

Where to Stay

For those planning to visit Wakefield Park Raceway and witness the thrilling motorsports action, there are several excellent accommodation options in close proximity to the circuit. Here are a few hotels to consider for your stay:

  • Goulburn Motor Inn: Located just a short drive away from Wakefield Park, the Goulburn Motor Inn offers comfortable rooms and is a convenient choice for motorsports enthusiasts.

  • Best Western Plus Goulburn: This hotel is situated in the heart of Goulburn and provides easy access to the circuit. It offers modern amenities and a comfortable stay.

  • Heritage Motor Inn: Another great option, the Heritage Motor Inn is a short distance from Wakefield Park and offers a peaceful retreat for visitors.

These hotels not only provide a comfortable place to rest after a day at the track but also offer easy access to dining and other amenities in Goulburn, ensuring a pleasant stay for motorsports fans.

In conclusion, Wakefield Park Raceway in Goulburn, New South Wales, is a unique and exciting racing destination that combines world-class racing with a stunning natural setting. The circuit has become a hub for motorsports enthusiasts in New South Wales and beyond, providing an opportunity for local drivers and teams to showcase their skills and compete at an international level. With thrilling events and convenient accommodation options nearby, it's the perfect destination for motorsports enthusiasts to experience the excitement of Australian racing.