Bathurst Parity Review

It was thought that the parity threshold was triggered by the performance of the Chevrolet Camaros compared to the Ford Mustangs at the Bathurst 1000 on Sunday, opening the door for a formal review. That has now been confirmed, with Supercars announcing that “adjustment considerations” have not commenced.

Changes to the Mustang

Those adjustments are changes to the Mustang that Ford tried to push through before Bathurst. However, the review process will now take place to ensure fairness and equal competition among the different car models in the race.

Supercars’ decision comes after the dominant display by the Ford Mustangs throughout the season, which raised concerns about the overall competitiveness of the championship. The Bathurst 1000 further accentuated these concerns, prompting a formal review of the performance levels between the Mustangs and the Chevrolet Camaros.

Parity Threshold

The Supercars parity threshold is crucial to maintain a level playing field in the championship, preventing any one car model from gaining an unfair advantage over its competitors. By conducting a thorough review, Supercars aims to identify any potential variations in performance and determine if changes need to be made to achieve parity.

The recent announcement signifies the seriousness with which Supercars takes concerns about balance and fairness in the sport. It demonstrates the organization’s commitment to ensuring a fair and competitive environment for all teams and drivers.

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