Binder’s Podium Performance in KTM MotoGP Stable

Last weekend in Buriram, Brad Binder once again showcased his talent and proved to be a valuable asset for the KTM team. Despite facing some challenges, he secured impressive results in both the sprint and grand prix races.

Strong Showing for KTM

Binder’s outstanding performance in the sprint race earned him a well-deserved second place finish. It was his sixth podium appearance in all sprint races this year with two victories to his name.

Exceeding Track Limits

In the grand prix race, Binder initially finished in second place. However, due to a technicality of exceeding track limits on the final lap, he was subsequently demoted to third place. Nevertheless, it was still an achievement to be proud of.

Podiums in 2023

Among the KTM riders, Binder stands out as the only one to have reached the podium in 2023. His consistent performances and impressive results have showcased his skills and potential in the highly competitive MotoGP.

Keep Pushing Forward

Binder’s success in the KTM MotoGP stable is no coincidence. It is a testament to his hard work, determination, and talent. As the season progresses, fans can eagerly anticipate more exciting races and potentially more podium finishes for Binder and the KTM team.

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